Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a Sister will wait

This morning it became my responsibility to let Jaymin know that the sister he's been praying for will have to wait. We've been keeping that from him because we thought he would be devastated. He has been determined that this next baby would be a sister for over a year now. I have even purchased dresses that he thought would "look beautiful on a sisser", just to encourage that faith in him. Well, now that we know a brother is coming...we felt the need to give him some time and tell him that "you never know what God will do". Just about a week ago he told me that "you never know...sometimes a sisser comes out first and sometimes a brober comes out first...this time it will be a sisser and that's the truth to God".

I sat with him this morning and explained the adoption process again (in 3 year old terms) and let him know that we had been chosen by a birth mom. I told him that she has a brother in her belly, belly for us. It took him a couple of minutes to process this. He did tell me that he wants his baby to grow in my belly, belly. I told him that I've asked God for that and He seems to want to do it this way in our family so that's how we do it. God has chosen the very right boys for our family and if they grew in my belly, they wouldn't be the same boys. I asked him if he was disappointed and he said "no". Then he proceeded to describe how he will share his sippy cups with his baby brother and if Jericho tries to take it away, he will help his baby brother and get it back for him. I did take the opportunity to tell him that one of his sweet friends grew in another mama's belly too, just like him. That put a sweet gleam in his eye...knowing that you're not the only one that is different is an exceptional feeling.

What an amazing boy! I do think we've prepared him pretty well, but I still thought he would be really upset. God did make his heart big enough for another boy, just like I've been praying that he would. Hope he still feels this way tomorrow when we go to meet the birth mom again and introduce the boys. I don't want him to tell her that she has a sister in her belly, belly for him. Kid's are so cute, but can be very embarrassing as well.

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