Thursday, August 19, 2010

sick at school

My poor Jaymin went to school this morning (his 7th full day) just fine, but just after he paid for his lunch he sat down to eat and promptly threw up! I'm sure that was fact I seem to remember being sick at school, not fun at all. Today was picture day....he has a black eye (thank you Jericho) and a loose tooth and he threw up...wonder if he'll ever forget his first picture day at school? He actually seems fine right I'm just watching to see what happens.

I happened to be watching a friends kids today and couldn't get ahold of someone to pick them up. Jaymin had to sit in the office on a chair with a trash can. What happened to the nurses office? When I used to get sick, we could go to the nurse and lay down on a bed with a curtain around it. Jaymin was on display for all to be grossed out about and worry that they are going to catch something from him. Times have changed a bit since I was in school...about a million years ago.

I'm trying to let go of the fact that he paid for his lunch and didn't actually get to eat it...times must be tight in our

Well, there is hope, he is acting VERY normal right now, for a 5 year old boy. I'll be praying that the other guys and myself will escape whatever it was that caused the incident.

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